Hazrat Adam and Iblees

Hazrat Adam and Iblees

Hazrat Adam and Iblees, Hazrat Adam was created from dust( clay). Hazrat Adam wasn’t a baby but a fully, active, grown up, healthy and beautiful man. Hazrat Adam admitted a mistake ( tricked by shaitaan) and sought forgiveness from Allah.

Hazrat Adam and Iblees

First Prophet:

Give me a pen mother, I have to finish this story. A story? Hmm Don’t you want to listen the story of first prophet? Yes, sure my dear mother, you must tell this to me. i can’t wait to listen it.
Mother said to her son, but before I start a story, I would like to ask a question.
Mother it seems an interesting story. (Son is smiling) Can you tell me the name of that first person who came in this world? Mother asked. (Thinking) Give me some hint, mother.

Son told Mother showed two card board, one is hazrat adam and the second one is hazrat Ibrahim. Okay you have to close your eyes first then pick a card. 
Hmm, okay mama, let me pick this one. Mother said, now open your eyes. Son was very excited. Mama, please show me. great Yes, the first prophet is hazrat Adam (a.s).

Creation of Hazrat Adam:

A long time ago, Allah Subhan Allah has created this whole universe. But it was incomplete. Angels obeying ALLAH SUBANALLAH order and took some clay from the earth. Allah subanAllah made Hazrat Adam and name him Adam.

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Made from dust:

Clay from earth? (After listening this, Sameer was very astonished)Yes, all the human beings (including us) are made from clay. (Mother explained) Mother further told him that firstly it was a just figure?

Figure means:

Abruptly Sameer asked a question, what does figure means?  A body without soul.

Figure kept for forty years:

When iblees came to know , Allah subhanAllah is going to make a creature from clay. Iblees got very angy. He thought himself superior than human beings. ( Iblees made from fire). After forty years . Allah breath his Spirit into Adam. When Spirit reached Adam’s head, he sneezed.

 Adam saw fruits in paradise, when the spirit reached his eyes, he felt hungry after receiving spirit into his stomach . He jumped towards the fruit before the spirit could reach his legs,Adam fell down.

Prostrate before Adam:

He orders the Angels including iblees to prostrate before Adam. All the Angels were obeying the order of Him except iblees.
He was banished from paradise after ,he was called shaitaan. 

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Request of iblis:

Allah cursed him until the day of judgement. Shaitaan requested to mislead his followers. He accepted to mislead them.

Who is greatest enemy:

He taught Adam names in paradise.He allowed him to eat every fruit except one. Ibles is your greatest enemy. Sameer, why iblis wants to mislead the humans?Concentration on the question,iblis wish is to lead the followers of Him into hell. Yes, you are right, sameer. And We have to obey him.

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The first woman:

Adam was the only one in paradise,then one day ,he saw a woman after waking up. Her name was eve( hawwa).
He created the first woman.

Forbidden fruit:

Shaitaan forced both to eat that forbidden fruit. He strictly forbid not to even touch that friut. both ate that forbidden friut, suddenly, they were naked and covered themselves with leaves.

 They were sent out from paradise on different places.adam and hawwa met after a long time at Urfa place . He forgive Adam almost three hundred years later Sameer, now tell me what did you learn from this story.

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Allah made this world. no one was there on the Earth. Allah made the Angels from light. Jinns from fire. There are good and bad both Jinns, iblis is one of them.
Adam was the first man who was created from clay  He also made hawwa in jannah.
We must obey Him not shaitaan and forgive others.
I’m very glad to know that you like this knowledgeable prophet story.

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