Best Jeela Food Point aa gaya jeela chaa gaya

Welcome to Jeela Food Point, a special place in Lahore where the magic of Jeela aa gaya jeela chaa gaya comes alive. This restaurant is all about capturing the essence of this heartwarming phrase. They are proud to create dishes that embody the feeling of “Jeela aa gaya jeela chaa gaya,” using the freshest local ingredients.

Jeela Real Name?

Ramzan Jeela, or simply Jeela, is the genius behind the flavorful dishes. He adds an extra touch of magic with Desi Ghee, making every bite a taste of “Jeela aa gaya jeela chaa gaya.” His innovative approach to cooking, infused with the magic of Desi Ghee, elevates every meal to a new level of flavor and satisfaction.

Proverb Jeela Aa Gaya Jeela Chaa Gaya:

“jeela aa gaya jeela chaa gaya” is not just a phrase; it’s a celebration of flavor, culture, and unity. It resonates deeply with his commitment to serving dishes that are a true reflection of Pakistan’s rich culinary heritage. From mouthwatering Mutton Channay and Kofta creations to the indulgent Makhni specialties, each dish is a tribute to the spirit of togetherness that defines our nation.

There are various proverbs associated with Jeela Food Point, but that are currently trending are as follows:

  • “Jeela Aik Nasha hai aur yeh wahid nasha hai jo halal hai”
  • “Jeela Agaya hai Jeela Cha gaya hai”
  • “Jeela di mohabbatan”
  • “Jeela aik war fer kergaya hai akheer”

Jeela tussle with Dr.Affan

Dr.Affan Qaiser is a M.B.B.S, MRCPS(Glasgow),FCPS(Gastroenterology/Hepatology) Assistant Professor
Consultant GI/Liver specialist doctor who has been going popular for quite some time with his videos on Pakistani cuisine and its hazards. He has been pushing a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, and less greasy air-fried dishes to the public while criticising heavy oil-based foods.

“Jeela aa gaya te jeela chaa gaya” is more than food. Click here to Read more

When Dr. Affan Qaiser visited, it was a beautiful blend of health awareness and tradition. His insights and respect for Desi Ghee show how we can unite the old and the new.

Dr.Affan Qaiser created a video in response to Foodies by Ashir and Jeela Food Point’s unhealthy food dishes laden with desi ghee and oil. Food products cooked with such a high percentage of desi ghee are hazardous to one’s health and may induce a variety of disorders. Moreover, such a high percentage of oil might cause heart difficulties, high blood pressure, and paralysis.

After Dr. Affan Qaiser’s dig at Jeela and Ashir, they responded with their own set of responses, and before this fight became heated, Dr. Affan Qaiser visited Jeela Food Point in the nearby past where they hugged each-other and Dr. Affan gave some health tips for the recipes, and they are now on friendly terms and respect each-other.

Food Point
jeela aa gaya jeela chaa gaya

Dishes in Jeela Food Point:

Ramazan Jeela wants individuals to have different recipes a week and want to contribute largely to others instead of collecting everything credited as a profit and taking home. He is a really kind and simple individual who enjoys giving the public value via the foods he prepares for them.

  • Mutton channay with desi ghee
  • Kofta Channay with desi ghee
  • Mutton Kofta Channay with desi ghee
  • Makhni creamy Kofta masala
  • Makhni Handi
  • Hari bhari Paindu handi
  • Makhan Malai Raita (Free)
  • White Mutton Koftay
  • Malai Boti
  • Mutton + Chicken Mix Kabab with Malai and Desi Ghee
  • Mutton Chicken Challa Kabab Handi
  • Chopri Makhni Handi (Special Dish)

Jeela Food Point also has certain frozen foods that he do home delivery inside the city of Lahore; he has a large choice of frozen food items that are delivered to customers on their request.

Jeela and Desi Ghee Controversy:

jeela aa gaya jeela chaa gaya Food Point carries a wide stock of Desi Ghee from various brands such as Haleeb, Pak, Olpers, and Adams. Jeela Food Point has been using Desi Ghee in all of its public meals. During Ramadan Kareem 2023, Jeela prepares Sehri and Aftari for people and distributes them for free. He is famed for using 16 Kilogram desi ghee in his meals, which would be prohibitively expensive for a conventional restaurant to accomplish on such a massive scale.

Jeela Restuarant Contact Number:

The Jeela Food Point contact number is: 03434005570

Jeela Food Point Address:

Jeela food point address is written below:

Block A Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab 52250

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