Bad Effects of Fast Food

Bad Effects of Fast Food, Can we get enough protein, minerals, vitamins, iron, potassium from fast food? Aren’t they used chemicals to enhance its taste? Have you ever noticed, on birthday parties, the menu revolves around the fast food. Fried items are on the top of the list. We welcome sodium, greasy and sugary food.

Social morality

Just imagine, if you get sick. Doctor will prescribe you to include fresh food and fruit in your diet. everything becomes meaningless without health. Sick and weak person can’t enjoy anything without heath. Farther more, neglecting health is against social morality. Weak people cannot produce good soldiers, policeman and worker.

What is fast food

Fast food means any meal that can be cooked or quickly prepared with low nutrition and served fast. It can’t be considered as the main diet. it can only increase sugar level, blood pressure and so many other diseases.

It may cause diabetes, sleep disorder, irritability. Fast food, it’s actually a proceed food. Dou you know what’s the difference between proceed and unprocessed food?

Harmful Carbohydrates

Here, the question is why fast food can’t provide protein? Why after eating we feel dizzy? Educate the people how to choose the food. mostly believe carbohydrates are harmful for body.

Carbohydrates cannot be completely cut out from diet.

Processed and unprocessed:

There are two types of carbohydrates, one is unprocessed and the second one is processed or refined.  the first one contains natural fiber like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, millet, tomatoes, beans.

While natural ingredients or fibre is extract in the processed ones, like white bread, white flour, juices, pastries, pasta. So, processed food is unhealthy. They are made in factories. Lots of ingredients are used to make them. This food is packed beautifully with a trick to grab customers attention.

Save Future generation

This generation is facing lots of health issues such as stomach problem, obesity, hair fall. Why? Because fast food has high amount of cholesterol which is not beneficial for body.

It would be scary and dangerous sign for your body if you aren’t active, then it may cause serious health issues.

People prefer to eat cheese sandwich, fries, sausages Pizza whatever you select is cooked and fried in oil. Artificial colours are commonly used. Sauce is made from vinegar, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, chilli flakes, soya sauce, all of them are not good for body, if it’s been eating on regular basis.

Bad Effects of Fast Food


Are you very fond of eating pizza? Look at this:

285 calories are there in one piece of pizza slice. 3,167 calories are in one cake with two layers without frosting.

With frosting you’ll get 6,545 calories.

Look at the natural food

One large apple has 116 calories and 87 calories in one large orange.

Healthy food makes you strong, while fast food destroy your body, stomach, this way you will gain weight easily. After having fast food you’ll get slow, sleepy, tired, lazy. It could be dangerous if you’re eating this type of food since so many days. eat eggs, fish instead of unhealthy food. Try to eat nuts, vegetables, fruits. We get them from plants, which are rich in minerals, vitamins, iron potassium. This is the actual meal. It Keep us fit and provide strength and power.

Bad Effects of Fast Food

You must know the harmful effects of cold drinks. It can damage;

1) Liver

2) Risk of cancer

3) Tooth decay and cavity

4) Diabetes

5) Heart problems

Look at the alternatives and stop drinking and eating poison.

Make a healthy diet plate:

Add some chicken or grilled fish(protein) fill half of it with salad and brown bread or brown rice.

Regular water is best for drinking but if squeeze lemon juice in a glass of water without sugar is another option. Try to have unsweetened tea. Healthy plate has four portions’ vegetables, grains, fruits and protein. Whole food doesn’t contain with chemicals, preservatives. It has much fiber, minerals, you can eat them as much as you can.


Fresh fruit juice, milkshakes, lemonade are much better and healthier rather than wasting time and money on fast food or junk food. Kick out all the snacks, unhealthy diet plan from your life. Welcome organic food. If you do this, you’ll automatically feel relaxed, active and fit.

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