How to count calories and eat healthy

How to count calories and eat healthy with counted calories, Everyone should know how much calories do they intake daily? online calories is easily available. if you have some doubts. here is a very easy calories counting method. if you are snacks lover. you must know how many fats, carbs, protein, dietary fiber have you eaten from that product. you may count calories like this:

eating simple chips while watching TV.
total calories: 105
total fats: 2.90 g
total carbs: 19 g
total protein: 0.90 g
dietary fiber: 0.01 g
calories equivalent
fat ( 2.90g ) × (9) calories
carbs ( 19g). × (4) calories
protein. (0.90g) × (4) calories
total amount of calories:

fat.         = 26.1g
carbs.     = 76g
protein.   =3.6g
salted potatoes chips:
serving size.: 1 bag
total fat (84g) × (9) total carb (111g) ×(4) protein (13g) × (4) total calories: 1252
1252 are high number of calories. 2000 calories per day is a nutritionist advice.

what’s a calorie?

It’s a measurement of food energy. For staying active and healthy, our body need to use calories from each food, count calories and eat healthy. Calories added in our body through drink and food. This energy is important for us to live. Can you drive a car without fuel? No, You can’t. We have to add fuel to our car. We need a proper energy for exercise, walk, sleep, cycling, cooking. Food and drinks are the great source of energy for us. This is called calorie.

Gain and lose weight:

Common and regular basic food can be used for weight control. A good nutritionist will provide you a proper and complete diet plan according to the calories.
Mostly people don’t know how many calories are in one piece of bread?
We gain an lose weight by eating more and less calories.
How many calories can a normal person burn, if he is non-active.
How can we burn calories by different activities.

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Let’s find out:

When a person moves hands, fingers and if he continuously moving, then body will start burning 1 calorie per minute.
If he starts waking fast, body will burn almost 5 to 6 calories per minute.
So, fix you calories to reduce weight.
If your intake 1200 calories and start work after eating food. Then your body burn these calories.
Here are some different activities, in this way you will get some knowledge how to do and what to do.

How to Count Calories and eat Healthy with counted calories

How To Count Calories And Eat healthy
Cleaning, household task:
In 60 minutes
Age: 40
Weight: 80
Gender: female
Burn calories.: 206
Walking: 206 calories in 55 minutes
Running: 206 calories in 18 minutes
Cycling: 206 calories in 48 minutes
Activity (2):
Age :30 
Weight :65
Gender: male
Hockey task:60 minutes
Burn calories :509
Waking: 509 calories in 129 minutes
Cycling: 509 calories in 114 minutes
Swimming :509 calories in 76 minutes
It depends on how often do you work? 
Protein pack breakfast with calories:

Total calories: 623
Boneless chicken :130 g (calories 164)
1 tomato (calories 22)
Bell peppers 1(calories 31)
Spinach some leaves calories 7
Oil 1 tbsp. (Calories 120)
Mushrooms 2 tsp (calories 15)
Eggs 2 (calories 148)
Toasted whole bread 1 (calories 69)
Black pepper
Oregano half tsp (calories 6)
Carrots 1( calories 41)


Total calories: 485

1 banana ( calories 105) 250 ml milk ( Calories 122) Almond
powder 1 tsp 35 Sunflower seeds 1 tsp (calories 165) Yoghurt
1tbsp (optional) (calories 58)

What will you get from this protein packed breakfast, you will get protein, carbs, minerals, vitamins, good fats, calcium all of them are essential for human body.
Here is another breakfast smoothie.
Soak 2 tbsp oats overnight. In a blender add half apple, one banana (any seasonal fruit) and 3 dates (remove seeds) blend them. This has instant carbohydrates, magnesium, dietary fiber. It perfect and healthy breakfast smoothie. Dry nuts can also be used. It has vitamin A, D, C, calcium, iron, potassium.

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Banana calories: 103 
1 medium banana
Total fat: 0.37 g
Sodium 1 mg
Carbs: 24 g
Protein: 1.27 g

So, dates calories are 23
Fat: 0.02g
Carbs: 6.22g
Protein: 0.2g
Apple: calories 72
Fat 0.22g
Protein 0.35g

Daily calories intake:
Gender: female
Age: 41
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 89
Are you active?
Lightly active

Lose weight:
1764 to 1864 kcal (calories intake per day)
This will enable you to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

Maintain weight:
2238 kcal (calories intake per day)
It's a daily calories range. It will enable you to maintain

Gain weight:

2410 to 2610 kcal (calories per day) you'll gain 1-2 lbs per
Ideal body weight is 64.1 kg (80.1 kg)

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